5 Mindset Books You Should Read

Mindset is everything. You become your thoughts. All the millions of negative and positive thoughts you think contribute to your mindset and overall happiness. Are you someone telling yourself you’re ugly, stupid, and useless? I can guarantee you’re feeling that way too. Think of someone who radiates confidence in your life. (hint: it may be someone you’re actually jealous of) Next time you’re around them listen how they talk about themselves and then listen how you talk about YOURSELF. Big difference I bet. Keep reading to learn the books that have helped me change my mindset!

Get Rich, Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield-Thomas
Have issues with money and abundance? Here is your pocket guide. She gets you thinking on whole new level about money and abundance.

Radical Self-Love: A Guide to Loving Yourself and Living Your Dreams by Gala Darling
Low self-esteem and feeling lost in the world? This book will help you dig deep within yourself to experience true self-love and find your purpose.

Miracles Now by Gabby Bernstein
Here is a book you can pick up and read for 10 minutes or 2 hours. She organized it in quick little chapters about real practices you can use to deal with stress and love your life.

The Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle  LaPorte
Need more of a guide to find your purpose? Danielle does an amazing job to really get you to think deeply and in the mindset to reach your greatest potential!

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
Elizabeth is also the author of “Eat, Pray, Love” so need I say more? Well, I will tell you a little more. You’ll want to read this book if you’re feeling blah and uninspired. She’ll give you her tips to find your spark!

What are your favorite mindset books?


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