5 Things I’m Doing to Attract Abundance

Do you believe you control your future or is it all luck? Hopefully, you realize that you are completely in control of your life. If not, hear me out. You are in control of your life! Your thoughts become your reality. Now this does not mean you can “think” I want a million dollars and it will come flying at you. You still have to do some of the foot work.  With out first having the positive thoughts would be like trying to drive a car with no gas in it. You need to get in the right mindset to attract your abundance.

I’m still working on my mindset and abundance. I do really good for a little bit and then have a few bad days and fall off of the band wagon. For instance, I try to always tell myself that I have control of my life and shouldn’t allow others to make me feel a certain way. However, I find myself taking other’s words very personally. It is something that takes diligence each and every day. Here are a few things I do every day to attract abundance into my life.

1| Wake up with gratitude
Every morning I think of three things I am grateful for in that moment. Even if it is something as simple as the sun is shining or I got to sleep in.

2| Think positive thoughts
I consciously think of what I want and tell myself I will get those things. Maybe, I will say “I deserve happiness”. For instance, my dream is to have a hobby farm with animals, a garden, and live sustainable as possible. When I think about it, I tell myself it is possible and will happen. Instead of saying “I wish this or that”. I say “I will have a barn with animals and a large garden”. I’m working on avoiding the words wish, don’t, can’t, should, or would.

3| Talk about what you want with others
Not only do I try to position my thoughts toward abundance but I speak abundance as well. For instance with my dream about my hobby farm, I will tell people about this dream. You want to keep putting those ideas out there.

4| Visualize
As I work on thinking and speaking, I also try to see and feel my abundance. One way to do this is by visualization whether it’s exposing myself to the actual things I want or just making a Pinterest board. I love reading so books are a great way for me to do this.

5| Listening to my intuition
You know how the saying goes “listen to your gut”? Well, I’m getting better at it. Sometimes, I struggle with knowing the right decision for me. However, it’s because I’m to worried about pleasing everyone else than listening to my own intuition.

Everyone deserves abundance in their life. Whether it’s time, money, or people, you get to define your abundance. However, abundance isn’t just something that comes to you and sticks around. You need to work at it daily.

How do you attract abundance?


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