The Basic Guide to Essential Oils

Most people now have either heard of or have tried some essential oils. They have been quite the craze lately. As much as I love that people are more open to natural healing, it’s scary how carelessly these concentrated oils are being used. I wanted to write a post about the basics of essential oils to share how to safely use them and that they aren’t the end all be all.

Essential oils are very concentrated oils from plants.

Essential oils are extracts from the plant parts like roots, flowers, or bark.

Not all essential oils are for every body.

There are some essential oils that shouldn’t be used on or around children like peppermint, eucalyptus, or rosemary. Same goes for using essential oils on pregnant women and elderly.

You should always do a skin test before using any oil.

To do a skin test, take one drop of essential oil mixed with one teaspoon of a carrier oil and apply it to  your arm. If an hour passes and there is no reaction or redness, you may be okay using it. However, always check with your healthcare professional.

essential oils

Diluting essential oils is a must.

Diluting is using a carrier oil when applying  an essential oil to dilute it so you do not become sensitized or irritated from the oil.

There is no brand of oils that rules all.

With the popularity of oils, many companies are going to claim they are the highest quality and no other brand compares. There are some companies, I won’t name names, but they make very risky claims. However, the FDA did send them letters about these claims they were making that you can read here and here. If you want to try oils, my favorite brands are Wyndmere Naturals and Edens Garden.

They are not the heal all.

Many people are making the big claims that essential oils can treat certain disease swhich mind you is illegal! No one can diagnose, treat, or cure any diseases except health care professionals. Yes, these oils can help support your health but don’t think using a roll on every day is a substitute for balanced nutrition.

Start with the basic three.

If you want to try out essential oils, the three most universal oils are lavender, lemon, and peppermint. They can be used for body care, cleaning, or just as air fresheners.

Have you used essential oils?


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