The Daily Supplements I Take

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I do believe supplementation is key to overall wellness. Our food isn’t the same as it used to be nor is our environment we live in. Therefore, we’re not getting all the nutrients nor quantities we need to truly support our health. However, taking the right quality is key or you might as well be flushing the bottle of pills down the toilet. Not all supplements are created equally. Some brands are made with fillers or other harsh chemicals.

Some people think taking supplements is a waste of money but I do believe they are worth the money. I rarely am sick. In high school, I missed 3 days of school and those weren’t because I was sick. I’ve never had to use a sick day at work. And guess what? Never have I gotten the flu shot.

Also, I recently got off birth control (for many reasons) and I was nervous my body would take a few months to regulate and I may experience some ugly symptoms. However, I believe to my supplementation, my period came right on time and I had no crazy symptoms of hormonal imbalance. So yes, supporting your body and giving the nutrients it needs does keep you healthy.

My Daily Supplements

Fatty Acids
Fatty acids are essential fats that are bodies do not make but one’s we must get from our diet or supplementation. I take fatty acids to support my hormones, brain, and heart.

My favorite fatty acids: Nordic Naturals – Omega Woman, Evening Primrose Oil Blend, 120 Soft Gels and Barlean’s Organic Oils Essential Woman, 120 Count Bottle

Magnesium is a mineral that does more than you think in your body. It supports my nervous system function to help keep my level headed. I also take more when I know aunt flow is coming to help with those darn cramps. There are few different types of magnesium.  Each one has it’s own purpose and benefits you differently.

My favorite magnesium: Pure Encapsulations – Magnesium (Glycinate) – Supports Enzymatic and Physiological Functions* – 180 Capsules, Metagenics – Mag Glycinate, 120 Count

I think most people have heard of a probiotic. These little organisms are amazing! To me a probiotic is more important than a multivitamin. Probiotics keep me regular and support my gut, immune, and even brain health.

My favorite probiotics: Renew Life – Ultimate Flora Probiotic Extra Care – 30 billion – daily digestive and immune health supplement – 30 vegetable capsules, Garden of Life Probiotic and Mood Supplement – Dr. Formulated Mood+ for Digestive and Gut Health, Shelf Stable, 60 Capsules

A B-Complex is a supplement that contains all the B vitamins. I take this supplement to support my nervous system and for energy. With recenlty getting off hormonal birth control, I knew this was one supplement I really  needed as the birth control depletes B6 in your body. Check out Nicole – The Period Girl post about coming off hormonal birth control the right way. 

My favorite B-Complexs: Garden of Life Vitamin B Complex – Vitamin Code Raw B Vitamin Whole Food Supplement, Vegan, 120 Capsules, Pure Encapsulations – B-Complex Plus – Balanced B Vitamin Formula with Metafolin® L-5-MTHF and Vitamin B12 – 60 Capsules

Vitamin C
Now that winter is here, Vitamin C is my sidekick to support my immune system. Did you know it also supportive to your adrenals? I try to do anything I can to support my stress glands as I know they are constantly taking a hit!

My favorite Vitamin C: Garden of Life Vitamin C – Vitamin Code Raw C Vitamin Whole Food Supplement, Vegan, 120 Capsules, New Chapter Vitamin C – Activated C Food Complex for Immune Support + Organic Non-GMO Ingredients – 180 ct

Vitamin D3
Did you know that vitamin D really isn’t a vitamin? We should really call it a precursor. You can read about that here in Dr. Josh Axe’s post.  However, it still is so crucial to many processes in the body. I take Vitamin D to support my bone, brain, and immune health.  In the winter this really helps me with my mood. Be sure when you are buying that you chose the cholecalciferol as that is the form that is readily absorbed by the body.

My favorite Vitamin D brandsPure Encapsulations – Vitamin D3 5,000 IU – Hypoallergenic Support for Bone, Breast, Prostate, Cardiovascular, Colon and Immune Health* – 120 Capsules

Now I am not perfect and do forget to take these someday but I do try hard to remember each day. It is all about balance anyway! Supplements are just that supplemental to your diet. I do not take these to make up for a crappy diet. They are just helping to fill the gaps.

These are the brands I am or have taken of each supplement, however, I am in no way recommending you take any of them. I am not a doctor therefore I do not diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Please consult your healthcare professional before starting any supplements.

What daily supplements do you take and why?


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