Friday Favorites + Exciting News

Happy Friday! I still can’t believe we’re in August which means summer is almost over. It has been a crazy and amazing summer. Since, I can’t contain my excitement I will start with my exciting news and then get into favorites. My exciting news is….

I said yes to becoming Mrs. Villwock! ♥

It was a beautiful Saturday on June 10, when he asked me to marry him.  We went kayaking on Mirror Lake in Baraboo, WI. Right before we put the kayaks in, I turned around and there he was on his knee next to the truck. I reacted terribly as I was not expecting it at ALL! It felt like I was in a dream! We had talked about it before but I didn’t think it would be for another year or so. Boy, was I wrong! Being so in shock, all I said was “Are you serious?” I still can’t believe I said that but I felt like I was going to pass out.  I ended up of course saying yes. The ring is just absolutely beautiful and I was on cloud nine the rest of the day.  I’m so grateful to be engaged and incredibly excited to become Mrs. Villwock!

Now on to Friday favorites!

With it being hot out, I always try to stay hydrated. However, I like my water cold and this is the BEST water bottle to do that. I literally will put ice in my water bottle at night and the next morning it is still ice!

Lavender Wreath
I am obsessed with lavender and the whole farmhouse decor style. I love this wreath from Wayfair!

The Knot
With just getting engaged, this website has been a huge help to get ideas. I even have their app on my phone to keep track of everything! I love the guest list feature.

Peelu Gum
I wanted to try a new natural gum and I’m so glad I picked Peelu. The flavor lasts a lot longer than other natural gums.

What are some of your favorite things right now?

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