Happy National Coffee Day

Yes, today is National Coffee Day! Are you celebrating today?  Be sure to ask about all the deals that coffee shops are offering today! Some are offering BOGO deals while others may simply give you a free cup of Joe! I have off so I probably will just be enjoying my pour over cup of coffee on my front porch.

If you didn’t know, I am a coffee lover. It is the reason I named by blog Grounds & Gratitude. Hint: grounds refers to coffee.  I’ve been drinking coffee for years. I was that little girl who sat and drank coffee with her mom in the morning. As the old wise tale goes that coffee stunts growth, may explain why I am so short. However, it’s more about the taste of coffee for me. It’s about the whole experience around coffee. The gathering of family and friends and the special moments. Or the serenity and simplicity of sipping coffee on a crisp morning to ground yourself before your day.

A few interesting facts about coffee:

  • In Italy, the average age of a barista is 48 years old and is highly respected in that position.
  • Coffee beans are actually fruits.
  • Irish coffee was invented to warm up US passengers when leaving Ireland.

Want to know more interesting facts? Check out this article.

My favorite coffee roasters:

  • Luna from De Pere, WI
  • Ancora Coffee Roasters from Madison, WI
  • Kickapoo Coffee Roasters from Viroque, WI

My favorite coffee shops in WI:

  • The Open Door Coffee Shop – Mayville
  • Fat Cat Coffee Works – New Glarus
  • Urban Fuel – Peebles

Coffee Supplies I Use:

Another resource I love for all things coffee is the Roasty Coffee website. You want to know what type of coffee maker to buy? He’ll break it down for you here. You want to  know  how to make french press coffee? Yup, he’ll tell you how here. If you love coffee as much as me, you’ll want to sign up for his newsletter.

I hope you get to enjoy a great cup of coffee today! Whether it be a hazelnut latte or a black coffee, enjoy it and have a great weekend!

What do you love about coffee?


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