Healthy Food Substitutes You Need to Try

Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t always easy. Especially, when you’re living in the beer and cheese state of Wisconsin. However, by making a few healthy swaps, you can definitely start living a healthier lifestyle. Keep reading to find out they healthy substitutes I use daily!


| Butter for Margarine |

Margarine is fake and has no health benefits. It is loaded with trans fats which can wreak havoc on your health. Go read Dr. Josh Axe’s article on margarine here. Butter has been given a bad name but you need those good fats! To get even more nutritional value, try ghee which is clarified butter.

Favorite Brands: Kerry Gold, Organic Valley


| Sprouted Grains for Whole Grains |

You probably hear choose whole grain well I take it one step farther and say go for the sprouted grains. Sprouted means the soaking the grains before processing to kill of the phytic acid. Phytic acid is a mineral blocker found in wheat breads that is very hard for your body to break down. Read all about sprouted grains here.

Favorite Brands: Ezekial, Rudi’s


| Carbonated/Flavored Water for Sugary Drinks |

I’m not just talking soda when I say sugary drinks either; I’m including fruit juices and “healthy” flavored waters too. Did you know that a Raspberry Snapple has 36 grams of sugar and a can of Coke has 39? Yea, that’s a 3 gram difference.

Favorite Brands: Dry Sparking, La Croix, Hint


| Olive/Coconut Oil for Vegetable Oil |

Vegetable oil has hydrogenated oils which means they are heavily processed and contribute to inflammation in the body. If you are cooking at higher temperatures, you’ll want to use coconut oil as it has a higher heat point than olive oil.  When shopping for your oils, be sure to buy cold-pressed, virgin, and unrefined.

Favorite Brands of Coconut Oil: Barlean’s, Dr. Bronner’s

Favorite Brands of Olive Oil: California Olive, Bragg’s


| Half & Half or Heavy Cream for Flavored Creamers |

Flavored creamers are absolutely terrible. Among many other scary ingredients, they contain Dipotassium Phosphate which is an inorganic salt used as an anti-coagulant and said to caused diarrhea and vomiting. TMI here, but I personally experience just that if I drink the flavored creamers. Read more about what can be found in your flavored creamers here.  Also, try making your own with almond or coconut milk, butter, vanilla extract, and cinnamon!

Favorite Brands: Organic Valley, Califia Farms


Do you have any other healthy substitutes?

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