Why I Love Living in a Small Town

Currently, I live in an unincorporated town. There is one main road and you can pass through it in the blink of an eye. I am surrounded by two other small towns that have no more 5,000 people. These are the towns where you walk into the grocery store and know just about everyone. In Wisconsin, it’s very common to live in these small towns. For some people big city living is there thing. For me, it’s where my roots are and I’ll probably never leave for the reasons below.

You feel a part of a big family
Living in a small town, you know pretty much every body. It’s so nice having people care about you and feel like you belong somewhere. While it sometimes can bite you in the butt, for the most part it is a benefit.

Hearing the crickets & birds
I love waking up and hearing the birds chirping or sitting on my porch at night and hearing the crickets. I’m not saying you can’t get this in the city but there is just something about the peaceful noises of the country.

Taking walks
I try to take a walk every morning. I’ll admit lately I have not been. I really need to get in more of a habit of it. It’s so peaceful taking a walk in the country. The smell of fresh cut hay lingers while the warm sun dances are your skin. It’s just a place for you to gather your thoughts.

Sipping coffee on the porch
There’s nothing like morning coffee sitting on our front porch. ┬áThe cool air of the morning and calmness grounds me.

With all the friendly neighbors, there is no crime. I don’t worry about taking a walk or leaving my vehicle unlocked. There is peace of mind when I’m at home alone at night too.

Comfy & Cozy
There’s something about that “small town” feel. In Mayville, the small town nearby, this week is homecoming. For a small town, this is an exciting time of year! There is a parade with floats built by the high-schoolers and then anticipated football game that everyone goes too. Then, in a few weeks, will be Audubon Days which is a fall festival they have downtown. There are caramel apples, craft sales, and beer of course.

Like I said, small town living isn’t for everyone. Some people don’t understand how were okay with having to drive 30 minutes to a mall or fancy restaurant. However, I love it. I like being away from the busy life. Living in a small town helps me move toward a slower life.

Why do you love living where you live?

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